3D Laser Scans of China's Supercave

By Ben • nature, science, technology • 27 Jun 2014

Southern China is home to some large caves, featuring some amazingly large chambers. A part of the Gebihe Cave System, the Miao Room is considered the world's second large cave chamber by area.

Gebihe Cave System

via National Geographic

It turns out determining the volume of a cave chamber is much more difficult. Caves, unsurprisingly are dark. Really dark. According to the article, headlamps only illuminate 150 feet or so, making the true dimensions of a room extremely difficult to measure when the chambers are so large.

National Geographic describes how explorers have begun using 3D laser scans to help them more accurately map the dimensions and features of the caves.

China's Supercaves

via National Geographic

Read the fascinating article here, and be sure to check out the interactive tour of the Miao Room that uses the 3D scans taken by the explorers.

by National Geographic,
via Neatorama.

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