Drew Sheppard: Turning Baseball GIFs into Real American Monies (ft. Miguel Cabrera)

By Ben • sports • 25 May 2013

The subtitle of this post is, of course, "6 Homeruns, 1 GIF."

Previously featured on this site is Sheppard's GIF of Yu Darvish's 5 primary pitches. At the time he made that GIF, he was not paid to make baseball GIFs. After making that GIF, Dave Cameron of FanGraphs quickly hired him, and now he has been paid real American monies to make fancy GIFs (Here's the list of posts he's done for FanGraphs to date).

Most recently, he's created this GIF of Miguel Cabrera hitting well-pitched baseballs out of the stadiums they were pitched into:


And below, the 6 home runs separated out:

(And don't forget kids, it's pronounced "JIF")

by Drew Sheppard, at FanGraphs Baseball.

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