Families Photographed with their Weekly Shopping

By Ben • culture, photography • 7 Jun 2013

Every wonder what grocery shopping looks like around the world? A study was done surveying 30 families around the world looking at the types of food they purchase and how much they pay per week for groceries. View all thirty pictures over at the Mail Online.

The Revis family, from North Carolina (£220/week):


The Batsuuri family of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (£25/week):


The Aboubakar family from Darfur, Sudan (£37/week):


The Al Haggan family from Kuwait City, Kuwait (£140/week):


The Namgay family from Shingkhey, Bhutan (£3.20/week):


The Melander family from Bergteheide, Germany (£320/week):

by Mail Online.
via @WeAreUAE

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