Listen to Live Wikipedia Edits

By Ben • infographics, internet culture, technology • 20 Aug 2013

Wikipedia gets edited, tweaked, and updated dozens of times a minute (if not more). In order to give people a better sense of the rate, magnitude, and types of edits that are being made to Wikipedia as they happen, Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi created "Listen to Wikipedia."

As they describe it:

"Bells are additions, strings are subtractions. There’s something reassuring about knowing that every user makes a noise, every edit has a voice in the roar (Green circles are anonymous edits and purple circles are bots. White circles are brought to you by Registered Users Like You)."

The end result is a mesmerizing and interesting audible experience. There's a screenshot of the site below, but you should really head over to Listen to Wikipedia, and well...listen to wikipedia.


by Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi.
via @ncingiser

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