Maisie Kate Miller tames a bully with pigtails

By Ben • education, inspirational • 29 Nov 2012

"On the stairwell just behind her, the other girl, who’s a sports standout in the school, was loudly riffing on Maisie’s hairstyle: “Who wears pigtails still? What is this, kindergarten?"


"What came to Maisie, though, was an idea for passive resistance, pigtail-style: Instead of either scurrying away or returning the girl’s nastiness in kind, she’d wear her hair like that all week — I’m fine the way I am, thanks — and maybe get a couple of friends to do likewise. She poured out her heart — and her plan — on Facebook, then headed off to her after-school babysitting job.

When she had her first chance to check in again, a few hours later, she was overwhelmed to find more than 500 notifications and hundreds of friend requests waiting: “Some of them were people I’ve looked up to and never met! I started shaking and couldn’t stop.” But — and this is my favorite part — Maisie did manage to type out a second status update, asking for restraint: “I’d like to remind people that this is a protest against bullying,” she wrote, so bullying the girl right back “would be against the movement,” which she dubbed ‘Pigtails for Peace.’"

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