Notice to All Banker Types from a Teacher

By Ben • Uncategorized • 8 Mar 2011

I have used a bank many times. I have a checking account and a savings account (although I do admit I haven't added anything to my savings account for the past fifteen years since my pay has been frozen.) Nevertheless, the fact that I have made deposits, written checks, and I understand in theory the concept of a savings account makes me uniquely qualified to reorganize your operations.

Our country is at a crossroads.  What we do now will determine the future for our children. I'm sure you want to do what's best for our future, right? We are in a Race to the Top.  From now on, we need for all banks to do their part in winning that future. I've seen how you do things from my place in line, and frankly it's not good enough.  I have noticed that there are many bad bank tellers who simply aren't cutting it in my opinion. Many times when I've been standing in line, there are empty teller stations not even open. I see you bankers taking lunches, a luxury we teachers had to forgo many years ago. I see you even getting bathroom breaks. What is that about?

Read for more hilarity. Reductio ad absurdum.

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