Reasonably Dressed Superheroines

By Ben • art, pop culture • 22 Apr 2013

Reasonably Dressed Superheroines

These have been getting some attention (and criticism, it sounds like). As a result the artist wrote the following explanation:

"Point of this:

 An exercise in character design, attempting to clothe the heroines nearly all the way and not making them painted-on, while still keeping the look of their original costumes in some way.  Hopefully keeping them looking as iconic as the originally were. Just showing what can be done with a costume breaking outside the barrier of the norm.


I make no attempt to claim there is some moral agenda behind these designs, they were an experiment in character design.  You can place whatever meaning you want on them, or the attention they’re getting, but that is up to your interpretation."

See more at Michael Lee Lunsford's site, "Ze Tarts" 
via Neatorama.

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