The Best Amendment

By Ben • culture, games • 4 Jun 2013

Molleindustria is an indie video game developer that describes itself thusly:

"Since 2003 we produced homeopathic remedies to the idiocy of mainstream entertainment in the form of free, short-form, online games. Our products range from satirical business simulations to meditations on labor and alienation, from playable theories to politically incorrect pseudo-games."

The Best Amendment. Well...

Recently, they've put out The Best Amendment- a game perhaps best described over in a post at Wired:

"The first level is straightforward. You’re a little white cone-shaped fella, and you need to go get the star before the timer runs out. With each successive level, a new black-colored cone guy is added, and you have to shoot them to get more stars. Sometimes they shoot back at you, or even at each other.

The catch: Their behavior is totally determined by your actions in previous levels. If you hang out near a wall and spray a machine gun wildly, on the next level there will be a new bad guy who does the exact same thing, and you’ll have to shoot him with a bazooka or shotgun or whatever the game has armed you with.

The result is an exponential increase in violence from level to level. The game has no set limit on the number of levels, and eventually you’ll be overwhelmed and destroyed by the perpetually repeating actions of one of your past selves.

Using these gameplay mechanics, The Best Amendment questions the idea that there is a clear dividing line between “good guys” and “bad guys.”

You can play The Best Amendment online for free, or download it for offline playing to your Mac and/or Windows device.

via Wired
by Molleindustria.

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