Visualizing Bach, Beethoven, & Stravinsky

By Ben • art, music • 12 Jun 2013

Whilst cruising through posts over at allhomosapienswelcome, I came across this impressive visualization of J.S. Bach's solo violin piece: prelude of Sonata in E Major.

I enjoy being able to see the patterns in the music while it's playing, which only goes to increase my appreciation for the complexity of these types of pieces. It reminded me of a visualization I had seen a few years ago of the first movement of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony:

Turns out both visualizations are done by the same person (Stephen Malinowski) over at The Music Animation Machine, including an extremely detailed description of his process in creating different visualization styles. Check out their YouTube Channel for a heckuva lot more visualizations of classic pieces, including Part 1 of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring:

by Musanim
via allhomosapienswelcome.

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