We All Take the Same Selfies: Avadenticals

By Ben • internet culture, technology • 3 Dec 2013

Albert Huberts began noticing that there seemed to be a lot in common between people's twitter avatars. In December of 2012, he began collecting and categorizing Twitter avatars, and posting the results at avadenticals.org.


As he describes it, what he found was:

"we are not very original in how we present ourselves, to put it mildly. I have seen literally millions of avatars during the last year and the ones that stand out are few and far between. Most of us play it safe and imitate – consciously or subconsciously – other avatars."


As of this posting, there are 108 different categories at avadenticals.org, including: 1. No forehead girl, the 79. Sitting on animal statue, and 103. Posing next to a Ferrari you don't own."

by avadenticals.org,
via this comment at Open Culture.

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