What Other Planets Would Look Like if they Were as Close as the Moon

By Ben • science, space • 2 Jul 2013

The Moon is approximately 1/2 a degree in diameter when you look at it from the surface of the Earth. Of course, the moon is pretty big, it's just fairly far away (~238,900 miles). Here's an image that shows the scale of the Earth-Moon distance:

Earth-Moon Distance, to scale

To help give us a sense of how large other planets are, artist & illustrator Ron Miller decided to create a series of images in which he replaced the Moon with what other planets would look like if they were as close to Earth as the Moon.

First, here's a picture of the Moon from the Earth:


Now, here's Mercury (which just looks like a big Moon):






Jupiter (now that's a spectacular sight):







No Pluto for you! (though I would be interested in seeing the image...)

by Ron Miller
via The Atlantic.

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